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Publication Details: We produce and distribute over 5000 issues each month. A team of volunteers distribute to businesses and churches who have expressed interest in sharing the ‘good news’ with their family, friends, customers and congregations. To receive the paper, simply contact us and we will place you on our distribution list. The paper goes out into the community generally by the first Sunday of each month.


Deadlines: We take information for the Calendar of Events right up until the day of printing depending on room. 


Advertising: We do limit the amount of advertising for our magazine because we are content driven but we always seek reputable advertisers willing to partner with us.


We encourage our readership to support the organizations that make this paper possible with their prayers, affirmations and shopping power.  May God bless you everyone!

...want to know who we are and

what we are doing?


Here are a few of those behind the scenes.

Our youngest member of the team and the inspiring force behind the 'Life with Drew" cartoon. . .

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