Union Gospel Mission goes Retail! By J. McCarty

You never know what treasures you'll find when shopping at thrift stores, and this is true at Yakima's newest one, YUGM Thrift located in the old Party Palace/ and then Keeler's Medical Supply location on Tieton Drive.      The Yakima Union Gospel Mission (YUGM) Thrift is using an already-existing building to house a roomy new second-hand store, which relies on donations from the community, and the proceeds, like those of the long-established Olde Lighthouse Shoppe in downtown Yakima, go to support the programs of the Union Gospel Mission.      Manager of the new store, Shannon Love, felt like this job was perfect for her.   "I love to hunt for old things and refurbish them, giving them a new life, like God does for us," she says. In fact, the store itself is a work in progress and they utilize some of things that come in for donation. She and her husband, Gary, made a light fixture for use in the store out of some old rusty chicken feeders found in a barn.  She has made several items for use in the store.   "I love a good project, she says.      Shannon says the new thrift store is one of the 'out-of-the-box' ideas that new CEO of the Mission, Mike Johnson has implemented.      "I love my job," Shannon says, "and I love pouring my time and resources into something that goes directly back into and benefits our own community."      Since the store started, Shannon says she has been amazed at the generosity and quality of not just the donations, but also the support of the community in getting the store set up and going.       The old recycling bins from the Mission have been cleaned and beautifully refurbished into clothing donation bins and placed around town so people can donate clothing in many convenient locations. Donations can also be taken to the Mission, the Olde Lighthouse Shoppe at 15 Front Street in Yakima, and now the YUGM Thrift store at 2001 W. Lincoln Ave. in Yakima.      "Taking something old and beat-up, making it beautiful and useful again, that's the heart of God for us also, I think," says Shannon.      Shannon is from Yakima, and has gone to Valley Life Church for 25 years.  She and husband Gary have been foster parents for several years.  It's been hard and kind of a roller coaster, but they have five children, three of their own and two fosters they are getting ready to adopt.  They love Yakima and want to see it thrive. As any family knows, it's always helpful to have an affordable place to shop as kids grow and a great place to reduce the clutter when spring cleaning comes your way!

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